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Ghostwriting and why I love Ian Fleming – interviewed by Guys Can Read

Today I’m very excited to be guesting on the books podcast Guys Can Read.Very, very excited, actually, as I’ve been evangelising about their show ever since I discovered them.

Guys Can Read is a weekly podcast by Luke Navarro and writer Kevin McGill. They adore fiction, period. They review everything from Jonathan Franzen to Star Wars novels, with equal expectations of great storytelling, strong characterisation and robust themes. They’re not afraid to pick apart what doesn’t work, regardless of how hallowed it might be, to venture into genres outside their usual tastes (which are pretty wide anyway) and to celebrate a darn good book even if it’s in a genre that’s normally sneered at.

Kevin is putting his story instincts to good use on his fantasy novel Nikolas and Co, which you can read about here. Luke, meanwhile, sets himself challenges. Last year he read 52 books, and washed them down with yet more narrative in the form of 52 games and 52 DVDs. This year they channelled their zeal into Boys Can Read – a Skype school visit where they risked withering ridicule and worse to persuade a class of 28 MG boys to swap games for good old books.

If you love reading, if you live for fiction that leaves you provoked, moved, flabbergasted, shaken, stirred, touched, tickled, amused or amazed, then you’ll love these gutsy podcasts – whether you’re a guy or not. But I am extremely honoured to be welcomed as their first girl guest…

What did we talk about? A bit about writing, why I blog, but most of all, writers who give me major palpitations, especially Ian Fleming.

6 thoughts on “Ghostwriting and why I love Ian Fleming – interviewed by Guys Can Read

  1. It’s probably because I’m not the same kind of “Guy” that those guys are but I came away from the podcast with one overarching thought: you completely outclassed them 🙂

  2. Hi Roz,

    These guys sound like insatiable readers! You make them sound interesting with the ability to really be engaging…I will definitely check them out. Thanks for the info…

    p.s. I thought I knew the other 5 guys that could read 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amanda! As I said on the show, they’re essential listening for me every week. I love the way they chat about what works in a story and what doesn’t. And I take my hat off to them for Boys Can Read.

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