We can’t leave plot alone – first in a series of weekly chats with editor Victoria Mixon

Back in January, Victoria Mixon and I amused ourselves mightily with a couple of rambling discussions about writing and editing – here and here.

For those who don’t know, Victoria is the author of The Art & Craft of Fiction, A Practitioner’s Manual, and her blog was rightly voted one of the top 10 writing sites in the Write To Done awards (in which Nail Your Novel was a runner-up).

We enjoyed ourselves so much in January we decided to do it again, this time with slightly more focus on the core elements of novel-writing. For each week in April we’re going to be tackling plot, character, prose and whatever else seems important. As you can probably tell, we haven’t firmed up the last topic yet – so if you have a request, get it in now.

Join us over at Victoria’s, where we’re discussing hooks, conflicts, faux resolution and climaxes – as well as the biggest problems we see with client manuscripts. And what saves the Terminator from being flesh-coloured goo.

7 thoughts on “We can’t leave plot alone – first in a series of weekly chats with editor Victoria Mixon

  1. Roz! You didn’t tell me something saved him from being flesh-colored goo! Now I’m going to worry he’ll take exception to our purely light-hearted and good-natured ribbing and come a’callin. . .8o

  2. Great banter there Roz and Victoria – and I liked how you (Roz) called the principles of story writing as being like the laws of nature.

    1. Hi Sally – thank you! I think there are so many things we can learn about storytelling from life around us – which is why I started to think of the principles as laws of nature. Good to see you’re on the same page too.

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