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The A303, a storyteller’s road: finding the landscape for your characters

Today I’m guesting at Women Writers, a newly minted blog to highlight contemporary women writers and readers. They wanted me to wax inspirational, so I chose a key place in my novel – a narrow 92-mile trunk road in England.

Trust me, it’s legendary. When you take the A303, you travel not just in miles, you sail a metalled sine wave back through time. Come over and enjoy the ride…


4 thoughts on “The A303, a storyteller’s road: finding the landscape for your characters

  1. I sure enjoy your writing Roz. Thank you so much for coming the way of Women Writers, Women Books!

  2. Yes, I like the A303. When I was young my father used to make up stories as he drove us down for the annual family holiday in the West Country: memories of ghost stories, pipe smoke and sandwiches as the rain teemed down the windscreen beside the road at Stonehenge… “… A metalled sine wave back in time…”: yes indeed, such that if the car was well-sprung, you’d bang your head on the roof every few hundred yards 😉 Another road I like is the A272, the only one I know that has had a book written about it: “An Ode to a Road”.

    1. Hello Hugh! It’s a special place, isn’t it? When you used to sail it, were those strange humped houses there? They look like they’ve been blown in from a Dutch village. And not far after Stonehenge there’s a pig farm on a hillside in strange circular formations. We call it Pighenge.

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