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How to self-publish an ebook and get a traditional book deal – guest spot on The Write Lines podcast

When I was first discovering blogs – and looking for a home for my own fiction – I discovered The Write Lines on BBC Radio Oxford. Presenter and novelist Sue Cook brought together experts from UK publishing to give advice, information and resources for new writers.

Fast forward through a few revolutions and the latest series (now a podcast) is exploring indie publishing – both as a leg-up to a traditional deal and a viable option in itself. Some of the authors whose blogs I was reading as the first series aired are her experts this time – including Nicola Morgan and Catherine Ryan Howard – and me. I feel like I’ve graduated. Exciting times…

In my episode I’m sharing a studio with indie superstars Mark Edwards (one half of the Edwards/Louise Voss partnership) and Mel Sherratt. You can either listen on the site or download….

6 thoughts on “How to self-publish an ebook and get a traditional book deal – guest spot on The Write Lines podcast

  1. Very interesting discussion which seemed to illuminate that self publishing is probably a way to prove that the public exists for a work that agents may be wary of, (providing the platform works for you and comes relatively easily) but that the imprimatur of a traditional publisher, and the assistance it affords to both confidence and book quality is still the ideal option. It was about fiction and therefore its applicability to non-fiction is difficult to guage.

    1. Hi Philippa! The discussion was definitely slanted that way – perhaps the book-writing public isn’t yet ready for the idea of self-publishing as an end in itself. And it has to be said – and was said in the programme – that a publisher adds a lot of expertise that’s hard to muster on your own. Of all the people in the discussion (and I include the presenter) I had the most experience of publishing because of my work in editorial departments. The tasks I knew how to do as second nature were a minefield for the others.

  2. Fabulous! I’m SO jealous – I spent over two years trying to persuade Sue to let me come on Write Lines and talk about self-publishing. She’s fabulous and I look forward to all of these podcasts!

      1. She’s lovely, isn’t she! I finally met her when she came to the Chipping Norton Literary Festival – we lived just down the road from each other for years and only ever spoke on twitter, but met up now she’s moved away, as ofetn seems to happen with the internet!

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