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It’s live! New Nail Your Novel book shows you how to create characters who keep readers hooked and make you want to tell stories

nyn2covcompThree guesses what it’s about … but here’s the formal blurb…
How do you create characters who keep readers hooked? How do you write the opposite sex? Teenagers? Believable relationships? Historical characters? Enigmatic characters? Plausible antagonists and chilling villains? How do you understand a character whose life is totally unlike your own?

How do you write characters for dystopias? How do you make dialogue sing? When can you let the reader intuit what the characters are feeling and when should you spell it out?

I’ve mined 20 years’ worth of writing and critiquing experience to create this book. It contains all the pitfalls and sticky points for writers, laid out as a set of discussions that are easy to dip into. And it wouldn’t be a Nail Your Novel book without a good dose of games, exercises and questionnaires to help you populate a novel from scratch.

Whether you write a straightforward story-based genre or literary fiction, Bring Characters to Life will show you how to create people who enthrall readers – and make you want to tell stories.

Weightless editions are ready right now, twinkling on the servers of,, Smashwords and Kobo.

If you like more heft in your hand, the 200+-page paperback is in progress, and will proceed as fast as an index can be built and proofs can fly the Atlantic.
Ebook price  GBP £3.56  USD $5.50 (rough conversion estimate)

19 thoughts on “It’s live! New Nail Your Novel book shows you how to create characters who keep readers hooked and make you want to tell stories

  1. I’ve just purchased the new book at Kobo and thought you’d like to know that the price was $5.61, not $5.26. I hope the difference shows up in *your* pocket.

  2. Just purchased 😉

    Good luck with the launch (not that you’ll need it).

    Looking forward to a great read!

  3. I will be watching and waiting for the paperback to be available 🙂 I love Nail Your Novel, it’s sits by my side when I write. I can imagine this one will join it.

  4. Just bought it on Kindle. I still reference your first Nail Your Novel Book, so I’m sure I’ll love this, too! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned with the rest of us.

  5. Oh yes, perfect! I recently realised all my characters sound like me… they only look different. I too shall be waiting for the hefty paperback (please hurry!!) as I’m a hold-out on the eReader front. More due to lack of disposable funds than troglodytism. Oh, and I love the expression “weightless editions” 😀

  6. Wow! Been worrying if my male characters are ‘male’ enough and just like magic, here’s your book 😀 Just bought it on Kindle, even though I prefer hefty versions but patience is so not my forte. Thank you so much for sharing and Congratulations!

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