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Getting into bookshops, part 1 – post at Independent Authors Alliance

allibookshop1If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or in Google’s Confusing Circles, you might have seen me celebrating when a bookshop reviewed My Memories of a Future Life – on Amazon. ‘I was so impressed’ (it read) ‘that I persuaded Roz to hold a signing…’

That’s a bit astonishing in the current climate, and the Alliance of Independent Authors were soon wanting the story of what I’d done to get into their good books.

Much of it was luck, I have to say – I clicked with their tastes. And I’ve had a hit and miss relationship with other bookstores. But if you’re contemplating approaching bookshops with your print editions, you might find my experience useful

And tell me here: have you approached bookshops or other retail outlets with your work? How did it go?

2 thoughts on “Getting into bookshops, part 1 – post at Independent Authors Alliance

  1. Sadly, I still only have an ebook to offer. I wish I could burn my ebook to disc and sell a disc with a pretty cover in bookshops. It would be a million times cheaper to produce and cheaper to stockpile as well. -sigh- Maybe next century.

  2. I’m published by a small press so much of the marketing and promotion falls to me. I have my book in four area bookstores and my approach to each one was completely different. I love my local independent bookstore and support it totally.

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