Undercover Soundtrack

‘A sense of trying to work something out’ – The Undercover Soundtrack, Joanne Phillips

for logoIt’s Morrissey all the way for my guest this week. The contrast of dark lyrics and lifting melody became the sense of threat that runs through her novel. The force of his ‘take-me-or-leave-me’ personality becomes a main character’s demeanour. Even better, it states a principle for her own writing. (If I may bring in a touch of Frank Sinatra via Fleetwood Mac, writers do it our own way.) She is contemporary women’s fiction novelist Joanne Phillips and she’s on the Red Blog with her Undercover Soundtrack.

IN OTHER NEWS I’m taking a short break from blogging this weekend. There are guest posts bubbling up here and there, and if one surfaces in the next few days I’ll pop back to share it about. If not, I’ll definitely see you this time next week with another Undercover Soundtrack.

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