Undercover Soundtrack

‘Music to reshape the world’ – The Undercover Soundtrack, William Alexander

for logoMy guest this week sets his novels in a place that is playful and unsettling – a dark, broken place full of clang and clamour. Most suitable for this spooky time of year. He credits this atmosphere to the influence of two musicians – Zoe Keating and Tom Waits. Music seeps through the book’s pores: in a character name (‘Strumgut’), the title (Ghoulish Song), and the mad, sorcerous physics that ensure a bridge does what a bridge should do. He is US National Book Award winner William Alexander and he’s on the Red Blog with his impish Undercover Soundtrack.

Brief hiatus: I’m ducking away from digital life for a short while. In the meantime I’ve prepared a stack of useful writing links to share on my Twitter feed @NailYourNovel. You can also see them streamed here in the ever-growing sidebar. Back soon!

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