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How to finish your novel: top professional tips – guest video at The Write Life

pepwupepwu2You started writing a book… but will you finish? Laura Pepper Wu of The Write Life Magazine invited me to her series ‘7 Superstars in Writing & Publishing’ to answer that question.

I’m thrilled to be on this because her other superstars are steampunk author and marketing guru Lindsay Buroker, Bestseller Labs founder Jonathan Gunson, Writer’s Digest editor Brian Klems, prolific series novelist and podcaster Sean Platt, magazine journalist Linda Formichelli … and she’s rounding off the series with literary agent Rachelle Gardner! (I’m usually sparing with exclamation marks but I think such a well-connected bunch deserves one…)

In a 20-minute video Laura and I discuss drafting, fixing, beating writer’s block, getting better ideas and writing with CONFIDENCE! And if you scroll through you’ll find the other guys’ interviews too. Come on over… 


12 thoughts on “How to finish your novel: top professional tips – guest video at The Write Life

  1. An interesting and informative interview, Roz. Thank you. Incidentally, I’ve a friend, a widely-read author, who refuses point-blank to read other authors’ fiction whilst writing – as you discuss in the session with Laura. But in his case, not because he fears becoming discouraged. What he worries about – and he worries quite seriously – is subconsciously picking up other writers’ ideas, styles, tropes and idioms from his reading. I have some sympathy with that. But I like the idea of touring art galleries as a distraction and relaxation instead.

    1. Hello Hugh! I certainly have to be careful what I read while I’m writing and editing. If I open a volume of Graham Greene I’m sunk – it retunes my brain. You know passive smoking? I get passive Greene.

      1. I’ve never had that problem with Mr Greene (of whom I’m a great fan). But passive Fleming and passive Le Carre? Unfortunately, yes – they temporarily retune my entire worldview.

  2. Roz, loved the video!! It was perfect timing for me. I had a few weeks lapse of motivation due to my day job and general life activities for working on my 1st novel. Just in the last week, it’s coming back and hearing the tips of music and careful what you reading really helps.

    I have been reading consistently and totally agree it’s impacted me, so after I finish this one (I must see to the end) then my priority will be on my novel. One thing that also helped me dearly was a novel departure I took with entering a fun contest and my submission was a poem. I won, which helped my confidence and was great motivation to get on with my novel too.

    I’m new to this and find your books and insight so valuable. Thank you for all that you do for the writing community. Lastly, I will reblog this post – too good not to share. Thanks again Roz!

  3. Reblogged this on My Etch-A-Sketch Life and commented:
    Wow! I am such a fan of Roz and her book ‘Nail Your Novel’. I’m in process of the steps right now on my first elusive novel and it’s helped me a great deal.

    This post and her interview with Laura Pepper Wu has many great tips for writers at any level. Also if you haven’t checked out the online magazine ‘Write Life’ you’re missing out and need to check out it as well. Top notch information and tips to incorporate.

    I love it when I find a gem and both of these I am compelled to ensure you find too. Whether your a novel writer, business writer, or poet we all can use some insight in the process to refine our own.

    Let me know your thoughts on the reblog – Like/Share/Comment.

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