Undercover Soundtrack

‘A sequence of notes to transport you to a time and place’ – The Undercover Soundtrack, Debbie Bennett

for logoMy guest this week says she was always secretly a rock chick, and has provided pictorial evidence to prove it. When she turned her creative impulses to writing, music helped create the mood and tone. She writes gritty crime with a heavy dose of psychological thriller, and drew on a aural landscape of Alice Cooper, Soul Asylum, Bon Jovi and Skid Row. She is Debbie Bennett and she’s on the Red Blog with her Undercover Soundtrack.

2 thoughts on “‘A sequence of notes to transport you to a time and place’ – The Undercover Soundtrack, Debbie Bennett

  1. The mind is a strange thing and ones interpretation of songs and music for writing may be a thousand miles away for another listener. It also depends how far the listener goes in order to either create a mood for writing or as with myself actually find whole swaths of my story popping into my head before I even get to sit down and type. I’m glad others use the same methods to find the lubrication for creating a story. This blog may even help those who suffer that thing they call writers block…You can’t imagine or day dream if you are stressed and music usually helps move the writer away from this reality and into another. Great Blog. I liked it

    1. What a good comment – isn’t it interesting how differently we might interpret songs? The Undercover Soundtrack has now been going for a few years and you can look up the artistes people have cited. Some of them have used the same song and made entirely different inspiration from it.
      I like your comment about writer’s block, too. Music can lubricate the gears. Thanks for stopping by.

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