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Are creative writing degrees relevant in 2019’s publishing climate? The honest truth

The publishing world is moving faster than ever. Have creative writing courses kept pace? That’s the angle I’m considering this time in my series of interviews with creative writing professor Garry Craig Powell.

If you want a career in mainstream publishing, will a course equip you for that?

If you want a traditional deal, will a creative writing qualification make that more likely?

What about the indie world – does a creative writing degree confer any benefit, advantage or prestige?

If you decide to be master of your own work, will a degree help you do it more wisely and effectively?

Now that authors have to do so much platform-building for themselves – whether indie or traditional – have the academic departments kept up with these new demands?

As usual, Garry is patient and thoroughly candid and the discussion can be found at Late Last Night Books. It’s part of a longer conversation:

Part 1 Should you take a creative writing degree?

Part 2 How to choose a creative writing degree

Grab coffee and come over. As always, the comments system at Late Last Night Books is tricky to negotiate, but if you’d like to add to the discussion or ask a question, type it here!

10 thoughts on “Are creative writing degrees relevant in 2019’s publishing climate? The honest truth

  1. Thank you for sharing this interesting post. I must confess that, having read the original interview, that I am not convinced of the benefit of a creative writing degree or other similar course. Having said that, I am sure that such courses may assist in bringing out inate talent (but the talent does, obviously need to be present for this to happen). Best wishes – Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin! I agree with you. A course by itself will not turn you into a writer. I’ve seen plenty of lacklustre books come out of MFA courses. As part of a much longer process they certainly might be useful – but also they’re not the only way to learn. I was so grateful to Garry for being so candid in his answers.

      1. I also was impressed and grateful for Gary’s candour. Its refreshing not to be subjected to a hard sell by a person employed ina given profession and Gary didn’t give us the hard sell.

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