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Tools for writers, Word, Scrivener, good old-fashioned paper – Ep 8 FREE podcast for writers

Welcome back to So You Want To Be A Writer! This episode, we delve into the various tools a writer might use. And not just for the writing – for research, developing characters and plots, keeping track of what’s what in your story world. And a few apps that can stop you frittering away too much time in research rabbit-holes.

Now, I must introduce a caveat. I’ll explain it in beards.

Now. Pic by Monica Weller

Then, aka time of recording

So you see, a few wee years have passed since we taped the show. Certain writers’ apps were not yet invented, so if there’s one you want to shout about, do add it in the comments. But what hasn’t changed is methods – writers still have the same needs, the same problems to confront. And sometimes, there are times when the best tool is still a sheet of paper.

Asking the questions is independent bookseller Peter Snell. Answering them is me!

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PS If you like this topic, here’s when a computer-loving writer prefers a pen.

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