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New release: Ever Rest in audiobook!

Very quickly… The audiobook of Ever Rest is available!

Immense thanks to my narrator Sandy Spangler, who voiced my text with such care and sensitivity, and to Talitha and Jack whose generous sponsorship made this production possible. I’m incredibly lucky to have you all.

The link will take you to a range of audio stores and subscription services. If it’s not yet at your usual store, it’s going through the back channels and should be visible shortly.

Don’t forget you can get my audiobooks at libraries. If you can’t see Ever Rest listed at your library, just request it.

What’s Ever Rest? All about it here.

And that’s it for now!


7 thoughts on “New release: Ever Rest in audiobook!

    1. Hi Andrea! I’ll be writing a post about the audio adventures soon. But to answer your biggest question, I didn’t use Audible. I used the narrator who voiced my previous novels and uploaded the finiehed book to Findaway Voices, which distributes to Audible and a lot more places. For the cost, I had a sponsor who paid my narrator.

      1. Thanks for the info. Roz. Much appreciated. I know audio books are the big thing at the moment, but the cost is a bit prohibitive and I don’t think it’s something I could do myself.
        Anyway, looking forward to your how-to post. 🙂

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