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What’s it like to be an independent bookseller? Ep 17 FREE podcast for writers and booklovers

This was one of my favourite episodes. Until now, we’ve mostly concentrated on writing and publishing. But what’s it like to be an independent bookseller? What keeps them awake at night? What keeps the lights on? How do they decide which books to stock and promote? How do they see authors and the publishing world? How should authors approach them? How do they survive in a world of online giants? What goes into a good book event? What do they wish we all understood better about bookselling?

Usually it’s me answering the questions, but today I am definitely doing the asking. My co-host is, as ever, independent bookseller Peter Snell.

Stream from the widget below or go to our Mixcloud page and binge the whole lot.

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Kind ways to deal with damaged POD books – guest post at Alliance of Independent Authors

Any kind of merchant has to deal with damaged stock from time to time, but authors are usually shielded from this inevitable part of bookish life. Unless you self-publish, in which case you might be faced with this.

No, that wasn’t how the books arrived. They came to me slightly damaged, but in order to claim replacements, I … (deep breath) …. had to rip the covers off!

I confessed my distress on Facebook, and soon a crowd of authors were offering commiserations and creative uses for the dead books, so Debbie Young of the Alliance of Independent Authors asked me to write a proper post on the subject. Do come over, but be warned, it’s not for persons of a sensitive disposition. For instance, my English teacher from school, who would hyperventilate if she saw a crease in a book’s spine.

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