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RSI and when your books come back to haunt you – post at Authors Electric

I like to think I’m a decent human and would never hurt a fly. But in my books I’m vile.

It bothers me. I used to wake at night worrying about what it would really be like to have the troubles that Andreq and Carol have in My Memories of a Future Life. And what’s happening in Life Form 3 is definitely the stuff of nightmares.

So when I woke with the most debilitating RSI the other morning, like poor Carol, I thought I was getting my just desserts.

I’m at Authors Electric today, discussing authorly karma – and also what I do when I am (as regularly happens) struck down by repetitive strain injury.

(thanks for the pic Lizspikol)

Do you get RSI – and what do you do about it? How bad are you to your characters? Are you grateful you don’t have to live their lives? Tell me here – or come over to Authors Electric