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How to write in the holidays and at other disrupted times – Ep 36 FREE podcast for writers

So, Peter asked, why begin this show with The Time Warp from Rocky Horror?

Because we’re talking about how to keep writing over the holiday season and in times of disruption.

He wasn’t convinced. By The Time Warp, I mean.

I tried again. Remember the beginning of Rocky Horror? A couple arrives at a house. Nothing will be as they expect. All plans are out of the window. Isn’t that a teensy bit like trying to keep hold of your writing routine when everything is changed around you? (Or, Roz, is it simply a thin excuse for playing The Time Warp?)

Whatever, when we made this episode in 2016 we had no inkling of how much change we’d be slammed with in 2020. Nevertheless, we hope the advice will be useful.

Asking the questions is independent bookseller Peter Snell. Answering them is me!

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