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How did I dare self-publish… and should you? Interview at Welcome To Exeter…

How did I know my books were fit to publish? Did I work with editors on them? What kind of expert input do you need if you’re self-publishing? Should you in fact, seek a traditional publisher first or go straight to KDP and hit ‘send’? What were the biggest challenges and surprises once I did the deed? What bugs me about the indie ‘scene’, if you can call it that?

I’m at Jennie Coughlin’s blog today, answering these questions and more. Jennie might be familiar to some of you as a recent guest on The Undercover Soundtrack over at the red blog, where she talked about writing Thrown Out: Stories from Exeter. She’s also a journalist and has made it her mission this year to lobby for high standards in indie publishing. To this end, she is grilling those of us who’ve dared to publish our darlings. Come over and see how I did…

My Memories of a Future Life · Undercover Soundtrack

‘Rhythm taps into the part of my brain that lets the words flow’ – Jennie Coughlin

My newest guest on The Undercover Soundtrack is Jennie Coughlin, author of Thrown Out: Stories from Exeter. When she’s on a deadline she puts Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer on repeat for hours – and cheerfully admits that these days she’d be diagnosed as Asperger’s. Catch the beat here