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‘This uncanny, heartrending and deeply disturbing sound’ – Catherine Czerkawska on The Undercover Soundtrack

‘Which came first? The change in the book or the change to the music of the book?’ When novelist and award-winning playwright Catherine Czerkawska embarked on a search for the truth of her characters, she found it in raw, traditional Irish folk songs. Bird of Passage is the novel, and Catherine is my guest on The Undercover Soundtrack – over at the red blog


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‘Music that certain men might like but rarely admit to’ – Matthew Dicks

My newest guest on The Undercover Soundtrack is novelist Matthew Dicks. His latest release, Unexpectedly, Milo, centres on a road trip – and Matthew’s playlist informed not only the outward journey but the inward arc of his character. Departing from the red blog, and bring your own travel sweets.

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‘If I’m writing fiction there must be music… invasive music to kick me in the heart’ – Nicola Morgan on The Undercover Soundtrack

My guest this week on The Undercover Soundtrack is award-winning author Nicola Morgan, who has around 90 published titles to her name. She’s talking about how music has long been her muse for writing – including the undercover influences for her latest release Mondays are Red.Come on over…

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