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I’m in Everything

I’ve been interviewed today at a blog called Everything. Everything is the online home of Chila Woychik, writer, poet, outspoken blogger and mistress of an empty dungeon because she takes no prisoners.  Her collection of lyric essays and poetic memoir On Being A Rat will debut on Amazon on 3 October. One early reviewer writes:  ‘Her prose sings; her poetry plants tactile, unforgettable images in your mind:  “My tongue boils cold – it licked a star – .”

Chila (pronounced Sheila) also has her own publishing imprint, Port Yonder Press. What’s she looking for? The excellent, the evocative, the eclectic. If that’s you, go and say hi.

She also likes nifty boots, which can’t be bad. What do we talk about? Writing, of course. Englishness. Nothing and everything.

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