Undercover Soundtrack

‘This song says it’s time to get serious’ – The Undercover Soundtrack, Rebecca Cantrell

for logoMy guest this week says she always begins a project by assembling a sequence of music tracks. To start with, she notices every word and note, but after a while they settle into a familiar environment – a mental writing room that claims her attention and tells her it’s time to immerse. The novel she’ll be sharing with us is set in 1938, so her soundtrack is a mix of her own favourite contemporary songs to help capture the mood, and then a lot of material from the period of her story to conjure the historical period. She is NYT bestselling thriller author Rebecca Cantrell, and she’s on the Red Blog with her Undercover Soundtrack.

My Memories of a Future Life · Undercover Soundtrack

‘Rhythm taps into the part of my brain that lets the words flow’ – Jennie Coughlin

My newest guest on The Undercover Soundtrack is Jennie Coughlin, author of Thrown Out: Stories from Exeter. When she’s on a deadline she puts Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer on repeat for hours – and cheerfully admits that these days she’d be diagnosed as Asperger’s. Catch the beat here

Undercover Soundtrack

‘If I’m writing fiction there must be music… invasive music to kick me in the heart’ – Nicola Morgan on The Undercover Soundtrack

My guest this week on The Undercover Soundtrack is award-winning author Nicola Morgan, who has around 90 published titles to her name. She’s talking about how music has long been her muse for writing – including the undercover influences for her latest release Mondays are Red.Come on over…