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Me, me … again: My career hat and my creative hat

Thank you Margaret Adams of The Adams Consultancy and Susie Nott-Bower of Strictly Writing, who have both hosted me as an interviewee this week!

With my careers hat on

Margaret is a careers consultant and has a blog that delves into the less commonly discussed aspects of writing – namely building a long-term career that will pay the bills. She interviewed me about my strategies for making a living as a writer, which you can find here. And you can find her latest post, Planning Your Bestseller, here.

Strictly Writing is the blog of eight writers, brought together by their enduring love of writing. They let me witter on here about my creative process for far longer than I should probably have been allowed.

With my creativity hat on

Thank you, Margaret and Susie et al, for hosting me!

Anyway, now it’s your turn. I’d love to know how writing fits into your life.

How much is writing a career for you? Are you writing for the pure creative love of it, maybe with the hope of publication someday? Have you already had fiction published? Do you make your living from words in other ways, such as journalism? Or do you have a job that is totally unconnected with the writing? 

 Tell me in the comments!

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