Undercover Soundtrack

‘Music that flows into the marrow of the soul’ – The Undercover Soundtrack, Birgitte Rasine

for logoOnce upon a time, a schoolgirl resolved to never be a slave to music. She says she is glad this promise never lasted, because she cannot imagine having a creative life without music to guide and inspire her. Her latest work is a historical novel for young readers about the story of cacao, and features a heady soundtrack of Lana Del Rey, Cirque du Soleil and Manish Vyas. She is multipublished author Birgitte Rasine and she’s on the Red Blog with her Undercover Soundtrack.


Finding your muse in a book – Joe Bunting asks me why writers should read

What are you reading? Are you reading it for your writing or for your soul? Is there a difference? Should there be? What books did I read to teach me how to write? And what is ‘passive Graham Greene’?

Joe Bunting, of the irrepressibly creative blog The Write Practice, has hauled my nose out of a book to tell him where my muses come from.