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    1. hello, Caretaker! Interesting you should ask – I still do some journalism, but am aware I have had to unlearn some journalistic habits to write fiction. I am preparing a post on this very subject, in fact – so stay tuned. And thank you for your compliments.

  1. I also love your website. The post about beginning & the difficulty of finishing a book is great. It is difficult.

    Good Luck!
    P.s. Years ago, I would have thought: good grief! I don’t need to wish her luck! She has so much work under her belt; I’m the one who needs good luck.

    But experience has shown me that every time you begin a new work it is a struggle as if you have never done it before. So I leave you my hopes that you do wonderful rewarding work.

  2. I randomly stumbled over your blog, and I realized, I have your book on my Kindle! I’m trying to write a story, but it’s not going anywhere right now. I’m just thirteen, though. I’m planning out some of the characters and plot, though.

  3. Hi!! I have found you through Julie Stock’s page! She linked your article about giveaways! I am looking forward to following you, as I am in the middle of editing and rewriting my manuscript!! 🙂

  4. Hello,

    Found your site through JR Handley’s site. Lots of information here, with your permission I would like to look around and become a follower.


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