Reviews of Nail Your Novel

head7‘Its practical advice is invaluable and the book is so well explained
and laid out that you’ll end up returning to it again and again.’
Catherine Ryan Howard

head7‘Demystifies and simplifies the process of developing your story,
testing the strength of your idea and fleshing out characters.’
Sheri Hart

head7‘Each section has gotten me generating more ideas
about my current project.’
Ann Marie Gamble

head7‘Excellent.. for young novelists still trying to figure out how to get a book written…
sure to offer excellent gems for those who  know what they’re doing.’
KM Weiland

head7‘I have 14 How To Write Books. Many are the ‘must haves’
that you are led to understand anyone who wants to write
should have. This book is in the top three.’
Frazer Payne

head7‘I’ve gone back to this book time and time again,
sometimes just to remind myself why I write.’
Martha Reynolds

head7‘Such a fabulous writing book that I’m going to read it again.’
Suzanne Pitner

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