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The accidental blogger – post at Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?

A couple of years ago I hadn’t heard of blogging, in fact my main thoughts about it was how ugly it was as a word. Then I started writing on a WordPress thingy and rather liked it. Now I blog like a woman with three arms, I’ve launched books because of blogs – and all in all I couldn’t do without them. It looks like a grand plan, especially in these days of platform-building and online presence, but really it’s all been haphazard happenstance … more at Do Authors Dream of Electric Books.

If you blog, how did you start? Why did you start? Do you find it easy, hard? How does it fit into your writing life?

13 thoughts on “The accidental blogger – post at Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?

  1. I started blogging in 2003. It was just for fun and I used to do it anonimously (it was a private blog). It was very easy and also a way for thinking again about my everyday life, issues etc. it helped a lot.
    But only in 2006 I created a public blog with a different purpose: to “brand” myself on the web.

  2. Roughly four years ago I found a writing site. Here I met my writing mentor and she introduced me to the blogging world. I have never looked back. I have learned so much and have written 2.5 novels because of it all. For me it is my writing community, as I do not have one here in Cyprus.

    It gives me chance to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2012.

  3. I just started blogging a few months back. I’ve always wanted to but never knew what to blog about. A few months back, I also decided to give writing a real chance so that’s what I’m blogging about: my writing journey. I feel like it’s a way to connect with other writers and to keep myself accountable. I’ve written my first novel since then and I’m starting on my second. However, I’m also pregnant and in school so it’s tough to post regularly! I think the hardest part is deciding which is more of a priority: writing or blogging. I’ve decided that writing needs to come first even if it means neglecting the blog a few days when things get hectic around here!

  4. Hi Roz! Back in 2000 I used to have what would now be called a blog, before the idea was named and caught on. Basically I had a weekly topic of discussion on my own website and linked to an online forum for folks to discuss. I had a small but dedicated readership.

    Unfortunately I thought it wasn’t catching on and gave it up. And now, though I’ve been toying with the idea for promoting my novel, I don’t seem to have the mental energy for it. I’m unlikely to go there again. But of course, never say never. 🙂

  5. I started blogging back in October 2010. I just seemed like an idea that was really cool at the time, though its clear from my earlier posts that I had no actual plan as to what I wanted to talk about. It was just going to be me talking about WIPs before I realised that progress was slow enough that it would be horribly boring reading!

    Since then, branching out has given the blog wings and the pages that go with it make a neat little website all about me! Catering to my self-centred ‘its my universe and I own it’ kinda attitude. o.O

    More than that though, I use the blog as a kick start to writing more often than not. Because the posting schedule is three times a week, it forces me to keep writing, even if I don’t feel like it. And it ensures that I keep my mind open to interesting things I want to talk about or share, which is also good for novel fodder!

  6. I began blogging on New Year’s Day 2009. I’m not sure why; it just seemed like a good idea. And it was–blogging has brought a whole new dimension to my life as a writer. I wanted to write fiction because I’ve always felt that fiction is like a huge, worldwide conversation; well, blogging is even more so, because it’s more immediate.

    I don’t find blogging hard, mostly because I don’t beat myself up if I’m too busy to pay my blog much attention. And yet as time goes on, I find it easier to think of ideas for posts, and I’m planning to expand my blog this year.

  7. This post is so timely. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog because I would already like to have a platform in place when I finally finish my novel. I am worried about having the mental energy for it though since I currently have a fulltime job and I am pretty deep into the process of writing my first novel. I have a great idea for how to focus my blog and what to write, but I am worried about starting it and then having it fizzle out because I don’t have the energy to give my best to it. Do you have any suggestions for making it more manageable starting out? Thanks Roz.

    1. Hi Cindy! I started to type a reply and it became quite long and involved as I thought of more reasons and suggestions. I think you’re also not the only writer struggling with this problem so I’ll make it a post in its own right in the next few days. Thanks for posing a good question and stay tuned!

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